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These two modules set the tone for the entire course, because, In the words of Lauryn Hill, “How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?” Mindset plays such a key role on this journey because it’s a tough one! If it was easy, everyone would have super successful social media accounts. In addition to mindset, we’ll break down all of the branding elements you’ll want to think about like your core values, mission statement, brand “voice,” target demographic, fonts and colors, and more!



In these three modules, we’ll break down our “Core 4” strategy - you’ll learn everything about our go-to foundational pieces of content! We’ll also outline our exact recommendations for camera equipment and apps/software. We provide both a budget-friendly “smartphone package” that costs less than $100 to get started, as well as a “pro package” that will be a bit more pricey depending on the camera you end up purchasing. Lastly, we go over exactly how to brainstorm a week’s worth of content in less than 30 minutes using our Content Generation Matrix.



These modules serve as the “meat” of The Fitness Instagram Blueprint. We take you behind the scenes as we film and edit 8 different pieces of content following our Core 4 Strategy. But, we don’t stop there! We actually shot and edited all 8 pieces of content *twice*: once with our smartphone package and once with our pro package. This module will show you just how far smartphone quality has come over the years, and how close you can get to the quality of a more professional set-up as long as you follow our tips and tricks!



The last two modules talk about scaling strategies and leave you with a plan of attack once you’ve gone through the entire course. We’ll teach you how to partner with brands, respond to comments/DMs, react to negative/hateful comments, and collaborate with other content creators to boost your reach!


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Taylor has gained over 100,000 followers!

Before he signed up for the Fitness Instagram Blueprint, Taylor had a ton of knowledge to share with the fitness community, but he hadn't quite figured out a way to package it that would help get that information out to the masses. As soon as he started implementing strategies from the Fitness Instagram Blueprint, his engagement skyrocketed and he's gained over 100,000 followers in just a few months.

Hear From Taylor:

"I’ve been in the Instagram game for a while. Our Instagram account had 10,000 followers when I started the IG fitness blueprint. 8 months later we have 128,000 followers!!

When I started the program, Instagram had me lost and exhausted. My behavior around posting content always felt urgent, all over the place and confusing. I had no idea how to share what I do in a way that was immediately actionable and easy to understand.

Not anymore!!

Jason and Lauren’s program and approach to content creation has changed the game for me!
My biggest takeaway was learning how to plan content and then batch film it! The program revealed to me that I had a bad habit of not planning at all. I also learned some critical editing basics that I needed for creating my video projects and thumbnails! This was huge for me because I’m not a tech guy and I usually get overwhelmed by it! But the programs step by step tutorials taught me how to do this systematically.

I don’t have a filming set or use a nice camera. My home gym space is 11x11’ and I have to get creative just to get a full body shot! It has awful lighting and no heat making my winter filming interesting because I live in NH! Originally all of these things were obstacles that paralyzed me from going all in.

Jason and Lauren got me out of my own head and pushed me to just create! And most importantly, to plan, organize and be consistent with posting!
Thank you Jason and Lauren for being in my corner and giving me the tools and confidence that I needed to make this breakthrough! I am so grateful for your coaching and willingness to share part of your craft that you both do so well!

I am excited about how this success is beginning to help Kruse Elite!"


Save time & grow your business

Maryellen G.

I got to spend the last couple of days really going through all of the content in the program and I can finally say that I now feel confident, organized and so well prepared in my social media efforts. Although I am a creative person and never short on ideas of things to post about, I often struggle with keeping it all organized and systemized. I have already seen a HUGE improvement in my engagement in just the two posts I've shared in the last 24 hours using your methodologies. 

But more than that, I have improved my own process and time management. As fellow sole proprietors I know that you understand what it means to be your own CEO, CMO, CFO, CTO, and HR. Your program has been a lifesaver to me and my business in such a short amount of time already and I know that it will continue to be.

Ramez A.

I want to say thank you because last quarter was the first time Instagram brought in 2 IDEAL paying customers for us and thats definitely because of both of you and this course. I wasn’t expecting any to be honest.

My goal is to create a habit of consistently posting 3-6x/week for the next year and sharing info that has worked for me & my patients. I’ve also been giving myself a lot of grace week to week as I’m also learning how to be a new dad.

What blows my mind is not only did a relatively small number of followers & posts convert into some paying customers, but they also turned out to be the exact kind of people we want to work with, which makes this whole process that much more awesome. Thank you both so much with how you put this course together. And I’m really excited to keep learning from both of you.


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